1. 08/24/14 - Lookbook x Levi’s collab

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  2. Shirt - UO
    Jeans - Levis
    Shoes - Dr Martens

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  3. youngstero:

    I wish I was 5 years old so if I messed anything up I could say “im only 5 years old”


  4. From a quick lighting test of my buddy Shane

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  5. Suit - Gant Rugger
    Shirt - Brooks Brothers
    Shoes - Bostonian
    Handkerchief - I really don’t know I bought it years ago

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  6. sleazymonday said: define complicated?

    i don’t know what i want, i can’t commit, can’t return text messages in a timely manner. i can’t put a girl through that.


  7. valenzblanc said: Are you in love?

    it’s complicated


  8. ilovejenny said: What kind of film cameras do you own? What's your favorite films to use?

    1. speed graphic, ae-1

    2. fp4, portra 160


  9. usuris said: Red or white wine?

    i don’t drink


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