1. imagine a “Parent Trap” type movie except it’s about trying to get the White Stripes back together


  2. tacosonmymind said: What did you want to be when your were really young?

    i wanted to be normal



  4. it’s really cool when you’re with someone and you can just be who you are. you don’t have to be who your parents, teachers, friends want you to be. you don’t have to worry about saying the right things. you don’t have to hold in all your fears and insecurities and problems. you can just be.

    and that feels really nice.


  5. teddytie:

    someone be my sugar momma and pay for me to live in nyc


  6. girls


    but also =(


  7. Mel | FP4 4x5


  8. 07/14/14 - she didn’t like this one


  9. 07/10/14 - the constants are changing

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  10. 07/03/14

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